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APItex® -The Cartridge Seal with No Compromises

The APItex® series developed by EagleBurgmann includes single and double pusher type seals in cartridge design which are fully compliant with API 682 Category 1 Type A. These robust, reliable seals are designed to withstand process fluctuations and shaft deflection. The shrink-fitted seal faces and the floating seat mounting ensure dependable operation. The sliding parts on the product and atmospheric side are identical, which simplifies inventory management. A highly efficient internal pumping paddle maintains optimal circulation of the supply medium to the inboard and outboard seal. The APItex® is suitable for pressure reversal applications and also comes with product-protected springs.



  • API 682 compliant design
  • Single and double seal
  • Shrink-fitted seal faces, solid seats
  • Seat floating mounted in cover
  • Pumping paddle inside
  • Cartridge design
  • Short fitting length

Operating limits:

Size: 0.750 - 4.300” other sizes on request

Pressure: 22 bar 315 psi

Temperature:  -40°F to 500°F

                      -40ºF to 932ºF

Speed: Up to 75.4 ft/s

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