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Balanced Product Protected Rotating Spring Seal to EN 12756 HJ92N, HJ977GN, SHJ97G, HJ42

Mechanical seals of the HJ92N series from EagleBurgmann are designed for media containing, solids or with high viscosity e.g. sugar, paper, sewage and waste water industry.  The springs are product protected.  There is no sticking or clogging making the design rugged and reliable.  The seal is independent of direction of rotation.

In HJ 977 GN Item no’s and descriptions as for HJ92N, but with the seal face (Item No. 1.1) and the stationary seat (Item No. 2) made of silicon carbide and shrink-fitted.  The stationary seat is type G 46.  Unquoted dimensions are as for HJ 92 N.

Special design (example) SHJ 97 G is for use in sterile processes.  With smooth surfaces (electro polishing on request) specially designed O-ring grooves for special elastomer seal – rings and O-rings bearing no gaps, plus many other features.  Also available in SHJ92 design.

Special design HJ 42 mechanical seal is a version in the HJ series with product-protected multiple springs, for applications involving operating pressures of up to 725 psi.


  • Face Material: Carbon / SiC x SiC
  • Metal Components: SS 316
  • Secondary Sealing: FKM / FFKM / TTV/ TTE

Operating Limits:

Size: 0.625" to 4.000"
Pressure*: 11 to 360 psi
Temperature: -58ºF to + 430ºF
Speed: up to 33 ft/s
Axial movement: + .020".

* An integral stationary seat lock is not needed within the permissible low pressure range.  For prolonged operation under vacuum it is necessary to arrange for quenching on the atmospheric side.

(Consult EagleBurgmann for applications other than above limits)

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