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Cartridge Mounted Bi-Directional NF992 Dual Gas Seal

The EagleBurgmann NF992 is a pump seal developed from the highly successful, and technically advanced, NF900 dry gas seal installed in many hundreds of turbo compressors and blowers.

Process and chemical pumps in hazardous applications conventionally use liquid lubricated, double or tandem seal arrangements to prevent liquid leakage or hazardous emissions.  These seal configurations are subject to rapid failure and leakage to atmosphere when liquid pressure, or circulation is lost.

The NF992 is a complete answer to these failure modes and in addition only requires a relatively simple buffer gas injection system instead of a large and complex liquid circulation system.


  • Zero leakage to atmosphere, ideal for hazardous media
  • Non-contacting design reduces power consumption & bi-directional to eliminate mis-fitting
  • The internal, or product side seal contains the media at the seal outside diameter.  No centrifugal effects to drive contaminants across the seal faces
  • Separate labyrinth over inner rotating seat to minimize contaminants in seal face area
  • Product side seal equipped with SiC faces and seats for durability and to resist abrasive particles in the seal area
  • Minimal usage of buffer gas
  • Double balanced. In the event of losing buffer gas pressure the internal seal will not open but will function as a conventional liquid lubricated seal until corrective action is taken to restore barrier gas pressure








  • Face Material:
    Inner Side: SiC x SiC
    Outer Side: SiC x Carbon
  • Metal Components: SS 316
  • Secondary Sealing: FKM

Operating Limits:

  • Pressure: Vacuum to 16 bar 232 psi
  • Temperature: -4ºF to 320ºF
  • Speed: Up to 65 ft/s

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