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Combine-X Expansion Joint Design

Improve operational reliability and increase service life by investing in expansion joints that are designed with breakthrough materials that extend the life of your 501F and 501G turbine exhaust units.

EagleBurgmann’s new expansion joint design for 501F & 501G turbine users offer:

  • Rugged construction that is more mechanically sound than previous designs; protective wire mesh in the inner and outer layers
  • Insulation is compartmentalized in glass fabric; insulation and the glass fabric is quilted to prevent any shifting of the insulation material during cycling
  • These glass fabric pockets fasten into the backing bars, but insulating materials do not. This improves clamping uniformity and greatly eliminates the likelihood of leakage
  • Bio–soluble insulating materials are safer for the humans working in and around this equipment
  • Firing temperatures can be raised to 1300°F with no deterioration in expansion joint performance
  • Better component materials extend the life of the expansion joint.

NEW Combine–X design features:

  • Horizontal or vertical mounted downstream flanges
  • Two layers of wire mesh
  • Gas side bolster (1st & 2nd layers)
  • Bolsters are pinned to prevent shifting
  • CF 250 insulation media pocket
  • Outer bolster
  • Outer sealing layer
  • Takeoff bolts

For more information, please contact eb-ejs@eagleburgmannseals.com

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