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High Temperature Rotating Metal Bellow Seals Y16, Y19

 The EagleBurgmann type Y16 / Y19 seals are an all-metal, narrow section, edge welded seals for extreme high temperature applications especially in refineries or industrial heat transfer media.

The seals incorporate a state-of-the-art bellows design proven in numerous applications around the world.  The benefits of edge welded metal bellow seals for high temperature applications are:




  • Complete resistance to temperature up to 797ºF without cooling
  • Superior face tracking reduces leakage and “coking”
  • Special bellows design minimizes variation in face load due to shaft expansion or face wear
  • Resistant to abrasive particles in pumpage
  • No shaft / sleeve fretting
  • Drive lug provides enhanced stability
  • Double-ply version available

Variations of metallurgy and face material options make the type Y19 suitable for a wide variety of applications in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industry as well as in other industries where secure sealing under extreme temperature conditions is necessary.

Special vibration dampeners in Y16 absorb shaft vibrations while extending seal life.

Pressure capability of the standard seal can be enhanced through the use of a double-ply version, type Y66 seals.


  • Face Material: Carbon x SiC
  • Metal Components: SS 316
  • Bellow Material: AM 350

Operating Limits:

Pressure: Single-Ply: Vacuum to 363 psi
Pressure: Double-Ply: Vacuum to 1000 psi
Temperature: -103ºF to 797ºF
Speed: Up to 25 m/s

(Consult EagleBurgmann for applications other than above limits)

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