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Adequate, clean, and dry gas flow at the seal governs seal reliability. During normal operation, this is achieved by taking product gas from a high-pressure stage or discharge of the compressor, flowing it through filter(s) and using it to flush the seal. When the compressor slows or is at pressurized standstill, the gas flow is interrupted and leaves the seal(s) unprotected from contaminated product gas. This poses a serious risk, because unfiltered product gas leaves deposits at the seal, leading to high seal leakage or even seal failure. In order to alleviate this problem, boosters are utilized to draw gas from the compressor and flow it through filters providing clean and dry gas to the seal(s).

Providing adequate, clean, and dry gas flow through all operating conditions has proven to reduce or eliminate gas seal failures. As a result, more end users are including or adding boosters to their dry gas seal systems.

Using the EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster, which incorporates the NMB high efficiency magnetic coupling, eliminates the need for an additional mechanical seal. This removes any possible additional leak path in the system, eliminating emissions and increasing safety for personnel. The coupling design also achieves the most energy efficient torque transfer for further minimizing operating costsalong with the virtually wear-free operation to guarantees maximum availability for ensuring delivery of abundant seal gas through all operating conditions.

The RoTechBooster, another EagleBurgmann product delivering leading technology to the industry.

Standard Models available for:
Pressure: p = 0 ... 360 bar (5,221 PSI)
Temperature: t = -40 °C ... +200 °C (-40 °F ... +392 °F)
Motor size: 5.5 kW ... 15 kW
Flow up to 30 Am3/hr – 18 ACFM

Models outside of these operating ranges are available on request.

For more details, contact your personal dedicated technical expert by country:

USAEmery Johnsonemery.johnson@eagleburgmann.com+1-713-253-2582
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