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Self Balanced Dry Running DR1 and DR2 Seals

The EagleBurgmann type DR1 and DR2 Dry running seals are designed for agitators, mixers, reaction vessels, blowers, fans, etc. wherein shaft drive is located at the top of the vessel. The seat seal face are exposed to the gases/ vapors of the product and there is no liquid coming in contact with the seat and face. That is why the Seal is called “Dry Deal”.

Thanks to the self-lubricating properties of Carbon, the Carbon face rubs against a Silicon Carbide face, which results in minimum heat generation at the faces and make it a very stable sealing pair.

The principal advantages associated with these dry running seals are:

  • Cartridge design makes installation and maintenance simple
  • Very cost effective since no lubrication/ cooling system is required for the seal.
  • There is no barrier fluid; hence there is no possibility of product contamination.
  • The seal accommodates the shaft movement/vibrations and deflection…

Seal arrangement type DR2 with bearing can be offered for vessels having greater misalignments.


  • Face Material: Carbon x Silicon Carbide
  • Metal Components: Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys
  • Secondary Sealing: EPR/ FKM/ FFKM

Operating Limits:

Pressure: Up to 199 psi
Temperature: -184ºF
Speed: Up 1.0 m/s
DIN (Metric): 1.000" to 4.528"

(Consult EagleBurgmann for applications other than above limits)

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