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SHF Mechanical Seal

EagleBurgmann has established the high performance SHF mechanical seal for use in multi-stage high-pressure boiler feed pumps in power stations.

This successful mechanical seal is notable for a low rate of wear, minimal leakage and high availability, even at high peripheral speeds. It is extremely long lasting even in peak load power stations with frequently fluctuating loads. Years of experience in the design and practical use of a multitude of high-pressure feed pumps come out in this mechanical seal. The SH series is particularly valued for offering high sealing gap stability with no compromise on minimal leakage rates. The basis for this stable deformation performance was provided by extensive FE analyses and test stand trials. In addition, this series also comes with service-proven EagleBurgmann shrink-fit technology for carbon seal faces.

In comparison to rival seals this technology leads to a reduction in the number of parts involved and lower sensitivity to unexpected mechanical influences such as, for example, pressure surges. This technology provides the guarantee for the high level of reliability that the SHF mechanical seal achieves in the field.

Thanks to the use of optimized face materials, the EagleBurgmann Industries SHF is suitable for use at operating pressures of up to 55 bar and sliding velocities of up to 65 m/s. The SHF is therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications in large-scale high-pressure feed pumps with shaft diameters of up to 220 mm. The product is also suitable for the retrofitting of large-scale boiler feed pumps designed with floating ring seals or labyrinths. Here the seal is precisely matched to requirements and, if necessary, supplied with jacket cooling.


  • Minimal leakage
  • High sealing gap stability
  • Reduced operating costs because longer lasting
  • Rugged
  • Tough
  • Low power consumption
  • Few parts
  • Can be adapted to virtually any space for installation

Special characteristics:

  • Fixed-mount mechanical seal
  • Face materials: SiC – Si / carbon-graphite
  • SiC – C – Si / SiC – C –Si
  • Shrink-fitted carbon seal faces
  • Loosely inserted SiC-Si rings
  • Secondary seals made of temperature-resistant EPDM
  • Construction materials: 1.4571 / 1.4462 / 1.4122
  • Suitable for pressure reversal
  • Integrated pump unit
  • Available as cartridge unit (also with integrated jacket cooling)

Operating limits:

Shaft diameter sd: 40 to 220 mm (1.575" to 8.661")

Pressure p1: 55 bar (797 psi)

Temperature t1: 300°C (572ºF)

Sliding velocity vs: 65 m/s

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