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Splitex Fully Split Semi-Cartridge Seal

The EagleBurgmann Splitex Fully Split Semi-Cartridge Seal is designed for ease of use in tough applications such as water, sewage, oil and many other media. Splitex seals are fully split semi-cartridge designs factory preassembled into 2 stationary halves and 2 rotating halves, eliminating many parts.


Shaft Sizes: 2” to 6”
Seal face and seat materials Silicon carbide and carbon graphite
Elastomers, NBR rubber, EPDM and fluorocarbon rubber such as Viton

Performance Capabilities:

Temperature: -40ºF to 300ºF
Pressure: 115 psi-145 psi (<5” shaft size) ; 90 psi (>5”)
Maximum Speed: 32 feet per second
Radial Runout (TIR): +.032”
Axial Movement: 0.0625"

Splitex seals are balanced, process pressurized, externally pressurized seals with a flush connection, externally mounted stationary springs protected from the product and cyclical fatigue, plus a robust rotating seat.

(Consult EagleBurgmann for applications other than above operating limits)

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