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Type EO1, EO2, E11 and E12 Single Coil Spring, Unbalanced Seals

The EagleBurgmann Single Coil Spring Seals are the results of over half a century of experience in the design, manufacture and operation of mechanical seals.  Outstanding design features combined with precision workmanship make these seals simple, reliable and rugged enough for the most difficult applications.

These seals can be reliably used in situations involving abrasive, corrosive and/or viscous fluids generally handled by pumps, mixers, agitators, compressors, etc. They are also ideally suited for all pump duties aboard sea-going vessels. The seal consists of 5 simple parts.  No complex or fragile assemblies. Solid machined parts designed to stand up to the roughest service. A high degree of interchangeability of component parts makes the E seal economical, not only initially, but also throughout its long life. Special clutch type drive arrangement makes the E11 & E12 seals independent of direction of rotation. The E series covers the vast majority of refinery, petrochemical, and marine pump applications.


  • Face Material: Cabon / TC / SiC x TC / SiC
  • Metal Components: SS 316

Operating Limits:

Pressure: Vacuum to 16 bar 232 psi
Temperature: -103ºF to 536ºF
Speed: Up to 49 ft/s

(Consult EagleBurgman for applications other than above limits)

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