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Burajet Injectable Packing for Refiners in the Pulp and Paper Industry

With two fourdriniers, 18 refiners and an annual paper output of approximately 118,000 tons, a paper mill located in North Mexico is one of the most important in its area. This production facility offers a wide range of different paper products like kraft packaging, bonds, industrial papers, writing and printing papers, with production based on waste pulp, bleached and unbleached sulfate pulp used as main raw materials.

The Problem

As a previous sealing solution, a competitor’s PTFE packing was installed in the refiner. High temperature and pressure caused high stuffing box leakage and could not be adjusted without shutting down the machine. In addition to the already excessive maintenance costs, the consumption of cooling and flush water induced an increase in water and wastewater costs. Therefore, the paper mill started looking for an alternative sealing solution, which offers less unscheduled shut downs, higher quality and lower water and maintenance costs.

Operating Conditions:

Medium: Solution of fiberized material
Operating temperature: Up to 392°F (200°C)
Operating pressure of the seal: Up to 232 PSI (16 bar)
Machine: Triconic refiner from Andritz, model RTC 2000









The EagleBurgmann Solution

The installed EagleBurgmann sealing solution is a customized product, specifically designed for this refiner application. First, a bottom header ring of 5/8” EagleBurgmann Buramex SF 6335 braided packing was carefully fitted at the bottom of the stuffing box. Then, Burajet 8032SCW fiber was injected into the stuffing box. The EagleBurgmann Buramex 6335 top header ring was fitted and the gland plate was refitted and bolted down.

Device for easily injecting Burajet packing compounds

Burajet 8032SCW Advantages:

  • Excellent sliding abilities
  • Resistant to abrasive media
  • Outstanding adaptability, even at asymmetrical stuffing box compartments
  • Conversion to the compound is easy and can be done without any technical effort
  • Shafts do not have to be replaced or reworked
  • Injection can be done during operation, eliminating shut down

The first Andritz refiner at the paper mill was equipped with a Burajet 8032SCW in summer, 2008. The loss of water was reduced to 0-15 drops per minute. The reinjection of Burajet was possible during the operation of the machine, which meant 15-20 grams after a run of 3 months. The working life of the machine, in relation to the sealing solution, could be increased to up to one year. Furthermore, a saving of water and maintenance costs of about $23,000 per year, per refiner, was possible. The customer was completely satisfied with the performance of the seal solution; therefore, the remaining 17 refiners were equipped with the special Burajet 8032SCW solution over the following six months.

For more information on EagleBurgmann Burajet injectable packings or Buramex packing, please contact us at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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