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CartexExpress for Increased MTBF and Lower Equipment Life Cycle Costs

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In 2016, EagleBurgmann launched a new program in the U.S. geared towards the rapid shipping of standard Cartex seals. CartexExpress allows for same-day shipping for orders placed by Noon CST for qualifying seals in both single or dual versions (US only). This program was designed to get Cartex seals into end user hands faster and at a better total cost of ownership versus competing cartridge seals.

While most cartridge seals adhere to a more modular design with many complex parts, Cartex differentiates itself by being specifically engineered with a simple, robust design to achieve higher overall reliability and performance in extreme conditions.

Modular Design Platform

Modular designs use standardized glands, sleeves, collars and seal faces for multiple arrangements. This leads to:

  • Unnecessary additional parts
  • Smaller springs and part cross sections
  • Added o-rings and potential leak paths
  • Seal faces with higher sensitivity to "off pump" operation

With modular designs, the end user sacrifices seal performance and reliability resulting in higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and lower equipment MTBF.


This easy-to-fit, practical seal design has been successfully established in the market and now includes single and dual seal versions available for order through the CartexExpress program.

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