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Chem-Trend Process Chemicals Save Time and Money for the Food Packaging Industry


Chem-Trend, a leading global manufacturer of process chemical specialties with a main focus on high- performance mold release agents, now offers a comprehensive range of process chemicals for the packaging industry with the expansion of its Lusin® product line. Introduced to the market in 2010, these new products are NSF registered and can be used when manufacturing items subject to specific hygiene requirements, such as drink bottles, food packaging, toys, toothbrushes and household goods. Chem-Trend’s Lusin® products support users in every stage of production: they help to cleanly demold components, offer protection against corrosion and moisture and maintain the optimal condition of machines and tools at all times.


Lusin® Clean L101 F – solvent-free mold cleaner

With Lusin® Clean L101 F, Chem-Trend has launched its first solvent-free mold cleaner for the thermoplastics industry. Lusin® Clean L101 F is non-flammable and can be sprayed directly into molds with a temperature of up to 150°C, which substantially accelerates the mold cleaning process. This newly developed Chem-Trend product is NSF-registered as K1 and K3 compliant, making it suitable for use when manufacturing products that come into contact with food. In addition to removing plastic residues and their decomposition products from the mold, Lusin® Clean L101 F is also ideally suited for cleaning pre-mixers that have been contaminated by color pigments. Lusin® Clean L101 F is butane and propane free and uses a VOC-neutral propellant obtained using environmentally-sound methods.


Lusin® Clean L 52 F – surface cleaner and degreaser

Lusin® Clean L 52 F, Chem-Trend’s first surface cleaner and degreaser specially designed for the thermoplastics industry, is also NSF-registered as K1 and K3 compliant. Lusin® Clean L 52 F is used in the thermoplastics industry to remove wax, grease and oil residues from plastic and glass surfaces and machine parts.This new surface cleaner and degreaser is not only suitable for use during manufacturing processes, but also when preparing semi-finished products for end assembly. Lusin® Clean L 52 F also uses a VOC-neutral propellant obtained using environmentally-sound methods and can be used for environmentally-friendly cleaning under the strictest safety considerations.


Lusin® Alro OL 202 F – silicon-free release agent

Lusin® Alro OL 202 F is a silicon-free release agent specially designed for the thermoplastics industry. This new Chem-Trend product is NSF-registered as H1 compliant and has a composition that conforms to the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC. Owing to its listing, both European and U.S. laws stipulate that Lusin® Alro OL 202 F is suitable for use when manufacturing products that come into contact with food. The new mold release agent can withstand temperatures of up to 200°C. Lusin® Alro OL 202 F is a highly effective and economical release agent that is suitable for almost all kinds of thermoplastics.


Lusin® Protect O 45 F – anti-corrosion agent

With Lusin® Protect O 45 F, Chem-Trend has presented its latest anti-corrosion agent for the thermoplastics industry. The newly developed product meets NSF H1 registration guidelines. Lusin® Protect O 45 F dispels moisture created when molds cool and provides reliable protection against corrosion for up to 12 months depending on the environmental conditions. It is used as a spray or a dip bath. In addition to the classic spray can, Lusin® Protect O 45 F is also available in liquid form.


About Chem-Trend

Chem-Trend develops mold release agents used for the production of molded components made of composites, rubber, thermoplastics, or polyurethane, die lubricants for application in the die casting industry, as well as purging compounds and inside and outside tire paints. In addition, Chem-Trend manufactures specialized ancillary products, such as mold maintenance products, mold cleaners and mold sealers for the individual industries. Chem-Trend celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

Chem-Trend has manufacturing sites and sales offices around the globe. By means of a dedicated sales force and global distribution network, Chem-Trend reaches almost all geographic markets where significant levels of manufacturing take place. Chem-Trend’s global customers benefit from the long lasting experience of Chem-Trend’s experts in regard to the materials used in the different production processes, as well as from its comprehensive service network.

Since 2004, Chem-Trend has been part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities KG, a member of the Freudenberg Group of companies based in Weinheim, Germany. In Germany, Chem-Trend has production sites in Norderstedt near Hamburg, and Maisach near Munich. Maisach is also home to the European head quarters, as well as the global product development for thermoplastic products. Chem-Trend’s global head quarters are located in Howell, Michigan, USA.

For more information on Chem-Trend and Chem-Trend products, visit www.chemtrend.com.

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