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DiamondFace: Innovative Coating Technology for Numerous Applications

Diamond Face, Innovative Coating

Since the introduction of EagleBurgmann DiamondFace in 2007, numerous applications in pumps, compressors and agitators in the chemical, oil & gas, refinery, slurry, pharmaceutical and water supply fields have demonstrated the clear advantages of such seals. Lower energy consumption, far longer service life and much improved MTBF and MTBR performance are convincing proof and directly reflected in cost savings. A diamond coating up to 8 µm thick makes the seal faces extremely hard and wear resistant. Other outstanding features include excellent heat conductivity, maximum chemical resistance and low friction.

Successful Practical Applications for DiamondFace

Terephthalic Acid Production

Terephthalic acid is a basic chemical used in large quantities for the production of PET bottles/containers and many types of polyester fiber and other engineering plastics. Acetic acid and other constituents are mixed together during the production process. The highly viscous mixture has poor lubrication properties and contains very hard particles. Conventional mechanical seals failed repeatedly after a short period of time in these extreme applications. EagleBurgmann mechanical seals with DiamondFace coating were installed in the process pumps and have been running now for more than 18 months fault-free in spite of the harsh properties of the media involved.

Oil Sand Field

Production systems in an oil sand field are exposed to extreme conditions. With the SAGD method (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage), oil is separated from the sand using steam pressure. The handling systems have to cope with an extremely abrasive mixture of oil, sand, water and steam.

A Canadian producer decided to deploy multi-phase pumps and mechanical seals with DiamondFace coatings. The results were an improvement in dry-running capability and seal life by a factor of 25.  The seals have been running for 8,500 hours without failure.

On the High Seas

The diesel engine on a large ocean-going vessel does not require high-grade fuel. However, this places significant demands on the fuel supply systems. The pumps and seals have to be designed to handle the changeover from heavy oil to low-sulfur diesel fuel while the ship is underway.  EagleBurgmann has provided mechanical seals with a DiamondFace coating for installation on a cruise ship to support changeover between different types of fuel. The results are a significant improvement in emergency running characteristics and a drastic reduction in the high temperatures which are generated during dry running. The seal has been running fault-free for more than 10,000 hours.

DiamondFace Advantages:


  •  Maximum process reliability
  •  Universal chemical resistance


  • Unsurpassed wear protection
  • Extends operating limits
  • Lowest possible coefficient of friction and minimal heat  generation, even when lubrication is insufficient and the seals are running dry


  • Much longer service life
  • Extreme improvement in MTBF and MTBR performance and massive reduction in associated costs
  • Reduction of energy consumption by 80% compared with an uncoated hard/hard material pairing

Click here to watch the DiamondFace in Action Video.

For more information on EagleBurgmann DiamondFace, please contact Eric Vanhie, Technical Specialist at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.


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