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EagleBurgmann China Opens Dry Gas Seal Service Center in Dalian

Dry Gas Seal Service Center

In December 2009, EagleBurgmann China established a new Dry Gas Seal (DGS) Service Center in the EagleBurgmann Dalian factory in order to meet local Chinese customer and market requirements.

The opening of this new facility now offers the region's customers a local dedicated center of excellence that provides a static gas seal testing and repair facility. "As a result, customers will benefit from more rapid turnaround times, improved service and local access to the wealth of specialist sealing expertise that EagleBurgmann has at its disposal" said Simon Guo, CEO of EagleBurgmann China region.

The DGS Service Center is located in close proximity to two local major compressor OEMs.

The EB DGS experts are fully certified and have a wealth of experience in repair, installation, commissioning and trouble-shooting of dry gas seals.

"We are proud to celebrate the opening of this new DGS Service Center, which we built to better meet our customers' needs in a region that continues to see tremendous growth for our future DGS business", said Simon Guo, CEO of EagleBurgmann China region.

For more information on this article, contact Emery Johnson, Manager of DGS Sales, USA at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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