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EagleBurgmann Expansion Joints Prove to be a True Team of Champions for a Paper Mill

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EagleBurgmann went the extra mile to provide value-added service to a customer that experienced a catastrophic failure in their steam line.

EagleBurgmann was notified by Georgia Pacific on Wednesday December 2, 2015 that their expansion joint had sustained extensive damage from an unexpected pressure surge. On Thursday night, our Field Service Team arrived onsite on to inspect the damage; after the expansion joint had been removed from the system. Our Field Service Team was part of a round table meeting with the customer to discuss possible options. The customer chartered a jet Friday morning and shipped three expansion joints to EagleBurgmann’s Lakeside facility. Upon arrival, the damaged expansion joints were immediately inspected by Engineering, QC and Production. A two and one half hour conference call was held with the customer Friday night to discuss disposition. The final solution was to refurbish one assembly on an urgent basis.
On Saturday, the production team began working 12-hour shifts to refurbish the expansion joint.  By 5:00 pm on Sunday, the part was inspected, hydro-tested and transported by truck to be loaded onto a chartered jet. The expansion joint arrived back at the customer’s plant early Monday morning for installation.

Our customer sent a formal letter of thanks and recognition for the extraordinary customer service delivered by the EagleBurgmann team. The expansion joint is a critical part of the steam distribution system that is what the customer explained “is the life blood of the paper mill operations”. Without the expansion joint, their paper operations were down, impacting 1,100 employees.

Since the emergency, EagleBurgmann has received orders for spare parts from the paper mill. 

This 30" diameter tied universal expansion joint was refurbished and returned to customer in five days after failure.


For more information on expansion joints, contact info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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