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EagleBurgmann Provides Leak-free Sealing Solution, Receives Honorable Mention in Success Story of the Year Competition

Success Story

As a leading manufacturer of mechanical seals, EagleBurgmann takes great care to offer comprehensive sealing solutions tailored specifically for its customers’ needs. In 2009, the De Dietrich 62 Series drive mixer of a major U.S. chemical company in Michigan was experiencing seal failure every six months, and they looked to EagleBurgmann for a solution.

Once on-site, the EagleBurgmann technicians went to work to complete a seal failure analysis.  After testing was complete, it was determined that the competitor’s seal was actually too large, not allowing for proper use of the collar and causing the mixer shaft to drop into the mixer, leading to the premature seal failure.

EagleBurgmann’s solution was the Type M451KL-D20/76.2 seal.  A bearing was utilized to minimize radial run-out issues, and the seal’s axial length was made smaller so the mixer components could be assembled correctly.  This seal’s small axial length now exposes an area of the shaft so run-out can be measured accurately.  EagleBurgmann’s shrink fit carbon face design was also utilized, allowing for a more robust seal face and more flexibility in unexpected periods of operation.

Another addition included a hand pump installed at the existing seal pot, located next to the mixer.  This solved for the issue of overfilling, since the pot was previously being filled from a pipe extension one floor up where the filler couldn’t actually see the level gauge.  Now with the new placement, the operators can check the level and fill the pot while the mixer is running.

Had this EagleBurgmann sealing solution not been put in place, the customer would’ve continued to change the seal every six months.  Additionally, with the axial movement caused by the old oversized seal, it’s quite possible the shaft could’ve come in contact with the glass-lined vessel causing major damage and possibly leading to vessel replacement.

The EagleBurgmann seal was installed on December 14, 2009 and has not needed replacement to date.  This application story was so compelling that EagleBurgmann was recently recognized as Honorable Mention in Pumps & Systems magazine’s 2011 Success Story of the Year competition.

For more information on this application or other EagleBurgmann sealing solutions, please contact info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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