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EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster for Gas Seals

RoTechBooster for Gas Seals

To ensure high reliability of gas seals, a clean and dry gas at the seal is required. Gas supply systems draw product gas from a higher-pressure stage of the compressor during dynamic operation, filter the gas and use it for flushing the seal. In standstill operation of the compressor there is no gas source of higher pressure available due to the lack in flow in the machine, i.e. the seal cannot be protected from contaminated product gas. More and more customers specify booster systems for increasing the reliability of gas seals.

Experience has shown that due to defects, the boosters are not available when they are needed. Piston compressors have service lives of max. 8,000 hours, are sensitive to dry gases, and wear down in continuous operation.

This state can be very critical for the gas seal as sediments in the area of the seal can lead to insufficient sealing or even damages.

To meet this problem, pneumatically driven piston compressors and/or booster systems from various manufacturers have been used for years which suck in filtered gas from the compressor, compress it and supply it as flush gas to the gas seals.

During the 2009 Turbomachinery Symposium in Houston, USA, EagleBurgmann introduced a new self-developed booster system which operates maintenance-free and is available whenever needed. In contrast to customary boosters, the EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster is a radial blower driven by an electromotor via a well-tried and effective EagleBurgmann Magnetic Coupling.

There are no wear-sensitive components as, for instance, the piston rings used in piston machines. The RoTechBooster operates nearly without wear and ensures clean, dry gas is provided to your dry gas seals, resulting in the reliability you need and expect.

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