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EagleBurgmann USA to Offer Metal Bellows to US Market

Metal Bellows

Eagleburgmann is well known for high quality engineered products. These technologies and solutions have also been applied within the metal bellows product line, with strong sales in the international marketplace.

Until now, EagleBurgmann USA has had little market share in the metal bellows market due to longer product to customer lead times since production was overseas as opposed to local. With the addition of metal bellows production in the US, EagleBurgmann USA will allow customers another purchasing choice with regard to metal bellows, leading to increased market share in the refinery industry.

Welded metal bellows seals have had much success as a core sealing technology in high temperature applications. Gaining considerable popularity in recent years due to significant use in a variety of new innovative sealing technologies, welded metal bellows offer higher strength and durability at greater pressures, a wider operating temperature range, a lower spring rate and only one moving part as opposed to many.

EagleBurgmann USA will launch metal bellows production with the MBS682 seal, with production beginning in March of 2011. These seals will be produced out of its headquarters facilities in Houston, Texas.

Variations of metallurgy and face material options make the MBS682 suitable for a wide variety of API 682 applications in the refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, as well as other industries where secure sealing under extreme conditions is necessary.

Features include:

  • Complete resistance to temperatures to 800ºF
  • Superior face tracking reducing leakage and “coking”
  • Special bellows design to minimize variation in face load due to shaft expansion or face wear
  • Resistant to abrasive particles in pumpage, no shaft / sleeve fretting

International support from Japan and Germany has been essential in bringing this product line to the US. Designs and testing have been provided by EagleBurgmann Japan, who will also contribute a design engineer and an individual for additional sales support to EagleBurgmann USA in support of this project.

Considerable encouragement and assistance has been offered from EagleBurgmann Germany throughout this process as well.

EagleBurgmann USA has also brought on additional US support, hiring Steve Rose, Engineering Manager, to help support the metal bellows USA launch.

For more information on the MBS682 metal bellows seal or the EagleBurgmann metal bellows family, please contact Steve Rose, Engineering Manager at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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