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HR Mechanical Seal Exceeds Expectations for Slurry Pumps

HR seal

Queensland Alumina (QAL) is one of the world´s largest aluminum oxide producers and meets around 10 percent of global need. Centrifugal slurry pumps of a reputable, international pump manufacturer are currently used in their production to pump aggressive media with a high solids content.

The Problem

The service life of earlier seals was unacceptable for QAL. The company needed a single seal with a minimum service life of six months. The six-month minimum service life was derived from the service life of the pump components in contact with the product up to the first scheduled maintenance. Complicated double seals with a buffer system could not be used for this application.

Operating Conditions

Medium: Caustic hydrate with solids content >40%

Relative Density SG = 1400 kg/m3 – 1500 kg/m3 (1.4 – 1.5 g/cm3)

Temperature: t = 158˚F (70˚C)

Pressure: p1 = 131 psi (9 bar)

Rotational speed: n = 1,450 rpm

Shaft diameter dN = 3.250” (82.5 mm)

Face materials (seal face and seat): Silicon carbide (Q1)

The EagleBurgmann Solution

The EagleBurgmann HR mechanical seal was utilized to solve for the customer’s seal life issue. A flushing connection and a throttle with self-cleaning profile integrated into the seal housing were provided to aid lubrication of the sliding surfaces and keep out solids. The very small throttle gap means that purging water consumption can be limited to no more than two liters per minute.

HR mechanical seal features:

  • Single seal
  • Balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation
  • Multiple springs stationary
  • Seat rotating
  • Seat arranged directly behind the impeller
  • Spring protection sleeve

The HR seal proved to be the optimal solution and achieved a service life of more than three years, exceeding customer expectations regarding service life. For more information about the HR mechanical seal, please contact us at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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