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Longer Lasting Expansion Joint Solutions for Gas Turbine Exhaust Gas Ductings


The gas turbine industry is continuously developing new technology to meet the demands and requirements for greater output and reliability. Minimizing fuel costs, improving efficiency and environmental responsibility to reduce emissions are important factors.

Recognizing the need for quality expansion joints to meet temperatures up to 680 °C, high gas velocity and varying pressure conditions in the gas turbine exhaust environment, EagleBurgmann collaborates with many turbine manufacturers to address the challenges unique to their engines.

Fabric expansion joint
(rectangular) between the
boiler and the stack

Fabric Expansion Joints 

EagleBurgmann gas turbine expansion joints are built using a combination of high performance PTFE/woven fiberglass fabrics and steel (stainless or carbon) frames.

Our customized fabric expansion joint solutions are designed to fit cold-cold, hot-cold and hot-hot turbine configurations for both inlet and outlet applications in gas turbine power plants. Round or rectangular frames are installed to compensate for movements, vibrations and misalignments, often in exhaust gas and low pressure in ducting systems.

EE-03 rectangular exhaust expansion
joint for a MHI 701F gas turbine

Integrating high quality insulation, proven frame design and highly durable materials, this line of expansion joints is also optimally engineered to withstand thermal shock and to compensate for intense sustained heat. In addition, Eagleburgmann offers turnkey soft part replacements for existing steel frames to provide our customers with significant cost savings.

EagleBurgmann offers designs for many types of gas turbines including:

  • M251
  • M501DA
  • M501F
  • M501F/A
  • M501J
  • M701DA
  • M701F
  • M701F3
  • M701F/A
  • M701G2
  • M501D5
  • M501SDA
  • M501F3
  • M501G
  • M701D
  • M701SDA
  • M701F1
  • M701F4
  • M701G

Advantages of EagleBurgmann’s quality fabric material and proven design technology:

  • Increased life of your expansion joints significantly; minimum up to 50% increase in service
  • Cost-effective fabric replacement on existing frames
  • A long-term partner for turnkey expansion joint solutions
  • Ensure stability and reliability
Fabric expansion joint solution
for MHI 701F gas turbine

OEM Approved Upgrade

EagleBurgmann’s success with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) 701F gas turbines is just one example of our proven capability in providing a long-term solution for turbine owners. Today, more than 175 power stations and 300 gas turbines worldwide are equipped with more than 600 EagleBurgmann fabric expansion joints.

For more information on EagleBurgmann fabric seals, contact info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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