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New EagleBurgmann Separation Seal Expands Options to Meet Industry Need

Seal Expands Options

EagleBurgmann has launched a new separation seal offering a proven solution to the problems of oil penetrating from a compressor bearing into an outboard gas seal, and the ingress of process gas from the outboard stage of the gas seal into the bearing cavity. EagleBurgmann carbon ring seals and the new CobaSeals are designed primarily for turbomachinery applications and between them offer a choice to meet customer requirements for separation seals.

Both products build on proven EagleBurgmann technology offering a number of significant benefits to the end user.

EagleBurgmann’s state-of the-art testing facilities—including a unique vertical shaft movement assessment capability—has been used to complete rigorous testing of the technology qualifying these CobaSeals for this application. CobaSeals are already finding increasing acceptance from a wide range of international customers.

The CobaSeal provides a highly effective and reliable solution to bearing oil penetration into dry gas seals, but based on non-contacting operation. It has a floating ring design incorporating a robust, ductile rotating seat with a silicon carbide stationary face, to prevents oil migration, while its advanced design features help virtually eliminate wear and produce no heat generation under normal running conditions. This promotes long service life, enhanced reliability and increased safety.

The CobaSeal runs at a low-pressure differential helping reduce gas consumption, while its self-centering mechanism virtually

eliminates wear, even during upset conditions. A universal design allows it to accommodate  bi-directional shaft rotation and the seal can be retrofitted into many traditional separation seal cavities.

The Cobaseal can be used with existing separation seal systems with minimal adjustments or EagleBurgmann can offer an upgrade to allow you to take full advantage of the additional safety features of the CobaSeal.

For more information on Cobaseals, please contact Glenn Schmidt, Regional Manager and Compressor Seal Specialist at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.


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