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Quick Turnarounds for Unexpected Joint Failures

Expansion joints are no strangers to unexpected failure and leaks. They are commonly known to be unpredictable and typically inconvenient.

The successful operation of your plant depends on reliable equipment. Equally as important is consistently responsive service that provides value-driven in-plant services. Recently, two customers realized the benefits of EagleBurgmann EJS's service and their dedication to do what it takes to get operations back up and running as quickly as possible.

Case 1: Energy-from-Waste Facility

Operating 6 days a week, 24-hours a day, the largest energy-from-waste facility in New York contacted EJS about a packed slip-type expansion joint that was not functioning. The drum line in this 80 megawatts steam turbine generator plant needed a quick and permanent solution.

Operating Conditions:

Temperature: 850°F
Pressure: 5 psig
Movement: 3°F Angular movement
Equipment: Condenser

EagleBurgmann EJS Solution

Given the limited space around the drum line, a clamshell bellows replacement was the best solution to get the energy-from-waste facility up and running. Within two days, a clamshell

bellow expansion joint was manufactured and shipped to the plant. Installation instructions were provided over the phone and the replacement was successfully completed the next day with little disruption to their daily processing.

Case 2: Louisiana Refinery

Operators at a high production Louisiana refinery recently found themselves in a critical situation when they discovered a failure of an ASME Code expansion joint on their heat exchanger. With a daily crude throughput of 239,000 barrels, time was of the essence and there was a narrow window of opportunity to replace the damaged expansion joint before suffering significant losses.

Operating Conditions:

Operating Temperature: 330°F
Pressure: 265 psig
Movement: .125°F Compression & extension
Equipment: Heat exchanger

EagleBurgmann EJS Solution

Within 24 hours, a new, duplicate design expansion joint was manufactured and certified by an ASME Code inspector. Since it was a Friday, there were concerns from the refinery that the expansion joint would not be delivered on Saturday. Leaving nothing to chance, the EagleBurgmann EJS project manager boarded an airplane with the expansion joint and hand delivered the replacement unit by midnight. The refinery was able to complete installation on Saturday and resume production all within 48 hours of contacting EagleBurgmann EJS.

For more information on EagleBurgmann EJS expansion joints, please contact us at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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