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RoTechBooster for Remote Access Compression Stations


Petrobrás is a multinational energy corporation headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Transpetro, a subsidiary of Petrobrás, is responsible for the operations of its compression stations located remotely in the middle of the rainforest in the state of Amazonas. These compression stations are only reachable by boat or helicopter, making access difficult.

The Problem

These compression stations were designed with nitrogen tanks supplying clean gas to the seal during start up and shutdown of the turbo compressor. After commissioning, it was discovered that the nitrogen tanks were undersized, allowing for only one start up per tank. To avoid constant replacement of these tanks, Transpetro decided to have a nitrogen truck with a small compressor onsite to pressurize the tanks.

Due to the remote location of these compression stations, the transportation logistics for having an onsite truck were very complicated. The closest city is approximately 150 miles (240km) away and only assessable by boat, making the cost to maintain this type of service very high. In addition, all of the Transpetro compression stations in Brazil are typically operated remotely via their headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. Because of the need for the nitrogen trucks, these Amazonas locations were unable to be completely remotely operated, also adding to costs.

The EagleBurgmann Solution

In 2012, after two years of technical meetings, it was determined that the EagleBurgmann RoTechBooster was the best fit to solve the customer’s issues with remote operation and high cost.

Features of RoTechBooster:

  • Centrifugal design. High reliability and availability
  • High efficiency magnetic coupling. 95% less eddy currents, reduced power consumption, reduced heat generation
  • Extended life. 3-4 times greater than current boosters
  • Environmentally safe. No leakage to the atmosphere
  • Simple set up. Easy to operate, virtually maintenance free

EagleBurgmann do Brasil designed and assembled four RoTechBooster skids with support from Glenn Schmidt and Stephen McCurdy from EagleBurgmann in the US. The skids were composed of the RoTechBooster itself, pressure and flow transmitters, actuated valves and variable frequency drivers (VFD), all connected to the compressor PLC in order to allow the correct operation of the booster and to deliver the perfect amount of flow to the seal. The amount of flow supplied by the booster is controlled by the speed of the electric motor, possible with the use of the VFD.

In addition, EagleBurgmann do Brasil was also responsible for the commissioning of the equipment, supervising all installation service, overseeing the changes on the compressor PLC (made by Siemens Brazil), and testing and witnessing the operation of the booster, all of which took 35 consecutive days.

At the end of commissioning, the remote operation of the booster from Transpetro headquarters was a success, and the RoTechBoosters worked without failure, delivering plenty of clean gas to the seal. Transpetro and Petrobrás are very satisfied with the equipment installed in the compression stations, which has allowed for remote operation and eliminated the high cost of the nitrogen trucks. In fact, the cost of the four RoTechBoosters with installation is roughly equal to the amount the customer was paying previously for 6-8 months of nitrogen trucks.  

For more information on the RoTechBooster, contact us at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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