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Save Time and Money: Refurbished Expansion Joints in Five Days with EagleBurgmann EJS

Before & After

Before refurbishment (left) and after refurbishment (right)

The main benefit of an expansion joint refurbishment is the ability to reuse as much of the existing assembly as possible. Not only is this environmentally responsible, but this can also result in overall savings of time and money for your organization. One recent refurbishment was completed within five days. The expansion joint, for a steam application, arrived from a Missouri Power Plant on a Monday morning and was out the door on Friday afternoon that same week.

The Process

The original bellows were removed and replaced with 48” diameter bellows on the pressure-balanced assembly. All internal material was inspected to ensure reliability and safety of the refurbished assembly.

The 48.125" ID single reinforced weld end expansion joint refurbishment by EagleBurgmann EJS included:

  • Removal of both bellows – Inspection of internal material
  • Replacement of both bellows
  • Pressure test
  • Re-assembly of pressure covers

The expansion joint was then painted and shipped out to the customer within five days of receiving it, saving downtime and allowing for a more cost-effective repair process.

To find out if your expansion joint qualifies for refurbishment, or to find out more about EagleBurgmann EJS, contact us at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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