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TotalSealCare Service Platform: A Solution-Centric Advantage


Discovering new and productive ways to increase rotating equipment reliability and plant efficiencies has become critical to success in an increasingly competitive global market place.  Technology thought leadership empowers EagleBurgmann with solution-centric and cost-effective sealing strategies that enable industry to meet today’s challenging market conditions.

Many companies across North America are faced with equipment reliability liabilities such as stagnate mean time between failures (MTBF), the rising total cost of ownership, outdated designs and technology, the low commitment level of a sealing partner or disappointing alliance performance.

The EagleBurgmann TotalSealCare™ performance based service platform provides North America with a fresh and innovative approach to dramatically increasing plant reliability and operating efficiencies.  The TotalSealCare™ platform is based on five core values:


We are a “technology thought leader” and deliver solutions to challenging issues faced by our customers.


Like our customers, each agreement is uniquely different.

Global Consistency

We think globally and connect locally.


We endure in a changing environment.


We deliver performance driven results.

TotalSealCare™  offers flexibility with a broad range of service platform opportunities:

  • Primary Source Service Agreement (PSSA)
  • Fixed Fee Service Agreement (FFSA)
  • Reliability Incentive Service Agreement (RISA)
  • CapX Equipment Upgrade Fixed Fee Service Agreement (CXFFSA)

Each service opportunity platform can be customized with “bolt on” service options such as:

  • “Bad Actor” Engineering Service
  • SealAdvantage™ Engineered Competitor Repair Service
  • SEPRO Mechanical Seal Database
  • Dedicated On-site Resource
  • Reliability Performance Audit
  • EB Managed / JIT / Consigned Inventory

The EagleBurgmann TotalSealCare™ solution-centric platform is resonating with rotating equipment users who are weary with dated and ineffective mechanical seal alliance programs. To start, EagleBurgmann  offers a no obligation site reliability performance audit that will benchmark a site’s current reliability performance and then provide recommendations to boost the plant’s rotating equipment reliability.

With our wealth of expertise and know-how in all fields of sealing technology, EagleBurgmann takes great effort to combine the high quality of our products with comprehensive service offerings in virtually all sectors of industry and applications.  For more information on how TotalSealCare™ can provide solution-centric benefits for your organization, please contact Dusty Young, Business Development Manager, at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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