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Upgrade of Compressor Oil Bushing Seal to Dry Gas Seal at Major Middle East Oil Refinery

At the beginning of 2009 a contract between EagleBurgmann-Middle East and a major Middle Eastern oil refining company was signed in order to upgrade recycled gas compressor oil bushing seals to EagleBurgmann gas seals in the IsoMax unit.

Due to serious concerns of repeated oil seal problems, the customer decided to upgrade the old sealing system along with the next major overhaul set for October 2009. EagleBurgmann committed to do final feasibility studies, provide materials within less than five months and prepare everything to implement the project in a submitted 3 weeks overhaul schedule.

After an initial site visit and a study of the available documents, the rotor-dynamic analysis was carried out to determine the stability of the rotor with the new sealing system. Based on this analysis and related inspection reports, the following services were provided: 

  • Rotor-dynamic analyses and selection/supply of new tilting pad bearings
  • Bearing housing modification drawing to fit the new bearings
  • Repair/Re-machining of old rotor

The scope of delivery for EagleBurgmann was:

  • Supply of 4 PDGS (high pressure seals, hydrogen at 180 bar)
  • Supply of Seal Management System (including spare filters and counter flanges)
  • Supply of 1 set of installation tools and process side labyrinths
  • Prepare rotor and end-cover modification drawings  
  • Support engineering piping
  • Supervising of all parts to be modified
  • "On-Site support" during the complete project

As of November 2009, the projected three-week installation time-line had been met and the compressor had been successfully upgraded to DGS seals which are still currently in place and running successfully.

For more information on EagleBurgmann Dry Gas Seals, please contact Emery Johnson, Manager of DGS Sales, USA at info.us@eagleburgmann.com.

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