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DiamondFaces® in Action

Comparison of dry running capabilities between DiamondFaces® coated SiC faces and standard SiC faces.

Shell DiamondFace-Cartex Test Results

EagleBurgmann provided DiamondFaces seals to Shell for testing in an erosive environment. The test surpassed all their expectations, as the it never failed during any of the extreme test conditions the seal was subjected to. As the DiamondFaces seals are excellent for dissipating heat that is generated during dry running operation, the end user decided to test how durable these seal faces really were. Typical silicon carbide faces will fail after short periods of operation during dry running contact due to the heat generated as demonstrated in this EagleBurgmann DiamondFaces video.

In this video, the conditions were produced using a Bridge Port mill. A jig was made to place the seal on the mill table and rotate the seal face at 3600 rpm. The quill of the mill was used to force the seal face down onto the seal seat. After running for a short period of time without any significant effect on the seal additional force was applied. The video shows the consequence of the additional applied force. The force applied to the seal was much greater than applied to any seal during operation. Significant heat is generated by the force and dry running conditions, but the seal face and seat continue to stay intact, no fracturing or blistering of the seal seat or face. The seal temperature continues to rise to 510 C when the O-rings in the seal begin to melt, so the test was stopped.  Inspection of the seal seat (the part that was glowing in the video) shows the surface is still in very good condition.

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